Caspian Tern

Latin: Hydropogne caspia (Pallas 1770)
Svenska: Skräntärna
Deutsch: Raubseeschwalbe

Largest tern in the world
The Caspian tern is much larger than other terns and has a long, powerful red beak. One can normally hear when a caspian tern is nearby… their raucous screech can be heard from quite far away.

Caspian terns nest in colonies on the outermost skerries in Uppland’s archipelago. If you want to see Caspian terns, you can go to Björn island in northern Uppland in May.

During the months of August and September, these birds migrate to tropical Western Africa, returning to Uppland in April.

Photo: Mdf/Wikipedia

Latest sightings of Caspian terns in Uppland 

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