White-tailed Eagle

Latin: Haliaeetus albicilla (Linné 1758)
Svenska: Havsörn
Deutsch: Seeadler

Giant wingspan
The white-tailed eagle is Sweden’s largest bird, with a maximum wingspan of two and a half meters. In the summer, this eagle mostly eats fish and the occasional sea bird. In the winter, it will also eat mammals and carrion.

In the late 1980’s there were only 500 white-tailed eagles in Sweden. Today there are as many as 1500, and many of them are found in Uppland. The white-tailed eagle is now a relatively common sight in Uppland’s archipelago.

Mature white-tailed eagles stay in Uppland year-round, but the young eagles may head south during the winter.

Photo: Ucalx/Wikipedia©

Latest sightings of white-tailed eagles in Uppland 

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