Sea Arrowgrass

Latin: Triglochin maritima (Linné 1753)
Svenska: Havssälting
Deutsch: Strand-Dreizack

Memory of a shore meadow
When Linnaeus was wandering in the King’s Meadow outside Uppsala, he noticed a remarkable plant: sea arrowgrass. Linneaus was surprised, because sea arrowgrass normally grows along the coast. He came to the conclusion that the King’s Meadow must have at one time been a shore meadow. And he was right!

Sea arrowgrass is common along the Uppland coast. On rare occasions it can be found in shore meadows by fresh water bodies. One such place is Krusenberg’s shore meadow about 10km south of Uppsala.

Sea arrowgrass is a perennial plant which overwinters as a root.

Photo: Elke Freese/Wikipedia

Latest sightings of sea arrowgrass in Uppland

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