Lesser Black-backed Gull

Latin: Larus fuscus (Linné 1758)
Svenska: Silltrut
Deutsch: Heringsmöwe

A gull in Africa
The lesser black-backed gull travels a long way. In the autumn, they fly southwest down to Turkey. Then, they fly past Israel and sometimes down to eastern Africa. They fly back the same way in the spring, and lay their eggs in Uppland in early May.

Lesser black-backed gulls live in colonies on small islands and skerries along the coast and a few isolated places around Mälaren. Uppland is also home to the Baltic Sea’s own subspecies of lesser black-backed gull, Larus fuscus fuscus. It is uncommon and is listed as endangered.

Between July and September, the lesser black-backed gulls will migrate southwest to the eastern Mediterranean and Eastern Africa, and return in April.

Latest sightings of lesser black-backed gulls in Uppland 

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