Great Black-backed Gull

Latin: Larus marinus (Linné 1758)
Svenska: Havstrut
Deutsch: Mantelmöwe

The king of the gulls
The great black-backed gull is the largest of the gull family. Just like other gulls, it mostly eats fish and refuse. Unlike other gulls, it may also take living prey. It might catch a small sea bird or duckling, lift it high up in the air, and let the prey fall to the ground and die.

The great black-backed gull raises its young out by the coast. There is normally only one pair per skerry (small rocky island), but they might also nest in small colonies.

Between July and September, the great black-backed gull migrates to the southern Baltic Sea and to the Danish isles, returning between February and April.

Latest sightings of great black-backed gulls in Uppland 

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