Sea Plantain

Latin: Plantago maritima (Linné 1753)
Svenska: Gulkämpar
Deutsch: Strand-Wegerich

Females and hermaphrodites
Sea plantains have a special solution to the question of gender. There are sea plantains with flowers which lack stamens – females. And, there are sea plantains that have flowers with both stamens and pistils – hermaphrodites.

Sea plantains are a common plant along coastal beaches. They can also be found growing along roads which have been salted during the winter.

In the winter, sea plantains survive using their carrot-like roots. New leaves will grow out in the spring. In the fall, sea plantains spread their seeds. They can attach themselves to passing animals and be carried to new islands in the archipelago!

Photo: Emil Nilsson

Latest sightings of sea plantain in Uppland

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